Hi! I’m Hylke, 13 years old. I love making music and pixel art and I am 100% Undertale trash ^^. This is my blog, I will post every monday something here :D!



Hi! Today it’s 16 may 2016.

I just released “Drumalovania.” As I said, I was doing a DnB song and here it is! Check out that as soon as you can.

I have a long weekend at the moment. It’s Pentecost here, i’m not doing much with that, but I take the 3 day long wekkend :D. For the guys who are wondering, I live in the Netherlands. Well, I don’t have much to say anymore, so that;s the post for todays monday ^.^. See ya all next week!


  • Hylke van der Woude

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Lisa’s birthday

Hi everyone!

I know it’s not monday and I recently updated a post, but today Lisa is 14 years old. Oh, Lisa is my friend by the way xD. And because she has her birthday today, I thought I’d make a post on my blog of it!

I think for god sake, I should tell you how we met. It was a wonderfu… Nevermind. I came in the first class elementary school. She came at the same year as me, so we were in the same class. Well, what can I tell? We grow and became friends. In the third class, my best friend came in our class. Wes. So I took less time into Lisa. BUT NOW ROLES HAVE TURNED. I talk a lot to Lisa at the moment. Oh and to finish the story. Half the third class, I moved out to “Dronten.” The city were I still live. SO THAT WERE EVEN LESS TIME WITH THE GIRL AND THE BOY.

Anyways, I hope you liked this post/story. If so, you can always share it and follow me! 😀
I haven’t uploaded a new remix yet, but I can give you a teaser. It’s (again) Megalovania, but this time I made it DnB instead of instrumental/orchestral. Well, I hope you have a great day! ^^


  • Hylke van der Woude (Mufcoon)

If Lisa reads this and I have anything wrong because it’s 7 years ago.
Message me pls, thanks xoxoxox

First monday on the blog!

Hi! Today it’s 9 may 2016.


I just uploaded the new remix for today, so check out that as soon as you can! It’s “Hopes and Dreams” from the pacifist end battle. I saw my friend fighting him and I really liked the song. Also, I tried to mix instrumental and chiptune in that song. I think it worked out really well.

My holiday is over today so I have to go school from now on again ;-;. But that shouldn’t be a problem :). And, to not forget. My friend is 16 years old tommorow ^.^! Well, I got work to do! See ya all next week :D!


  • Hylke van der Woude (Mufcoon)

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